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2 min readSep 5, 2023

Self-motivation is always the best antidote to self-disbelief and age can never be a barrier to progress unless you choose to make it yours. Nelson Mandela once said “It always seems impossible until it’s done” and yes, someone has made that stride again.

Akintunde Michael Seriki, (C11) proves that every dream is possible if you set your mind to it. His inspirational story about his career switch to tech after 17 years of graduating and 15 years of working in other career paths is mind-boggling.

Before embarking on his learning journey at Semicolon Africa, Akintunde had worked with the Lagos State government and at a TV station, where he performed several roles as a writer, social media manager, and WordPress website manager.

With a background in computer engineering, people thought he knew everything regarding programming, completely unaware of the fact that he only had a basic knowledge of tech.

To Akintunde, Tech was a calling that he needed to answer. It was a dream he wanted desperately, and for a while, he tried teaching himself through online classes. But that didn’t work. He later realized that self-learning wasn’t sufficient and recognized the need for a training institution that could give him a solid foundation in software engineering and a network of passionate programmers like him.

Like fate, he heard about Semicolon Africa and it checked the box for him, and he eagerly seized the opportunity when it came. Now, Akintunde is a Backend/Mobile Engineer, and we celebrate his perseverance and persistence.

In his words “Tech is an expectation for me…Semicolon promised upskilling and giving you the tech skills and that expectation has been met.”

If Akintunde could sit in a learning community again after 17 years and learn something new, you’re not too late, age and time are not a barrier.

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