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2 min readSep 5, 2023

There’s a gap within everyone, a hole that can only be filled with purpose, and as long as we can keep searching for that fit, that hole always finds its fill. And yes, there would be many obstacles that would hold many down, but not those who persevered towards greatness.

Dorcas Abang, though an academically sound and very fast learner, selecting what she wanted to do after school remained a daunting task for her. But she knew at the fore of her mind that she wanted to be successful. In a bid to discover herself, she took on various roles including working at a church, but she still felt the gap.

In her moment of search, she found a friend who told her he was transitioning to tech and this sparked her curiosity. She quit her job, applied to Semicolon and relocated completely from Kaduna to Lagos. In her words, “I knew that I needed to start making decisions for myself…and I knew I needed a new environment.”

Her sudden transition made less sense to a lot of people, she had to explain over and again the unique advantage and opportunity Semicolon was offering. Dorcas had her mind fixed, and her dreams seemed within her grasp.

Today, Dorcas realises that Tech is not just for gurus or the termed set of people perceived by most as “Smart or Nerds”. Like others, she came to the realisation that Tech is for all and that a platform like Semicolon opens other aspects of the mind like critical thinking, which leads to a mind-shift that makes you see things differently, most especially life and opportunities.

For Dorcas, the entire process led to a revolution in her mind and it has overhauled her entire approach towards life. Being a Software Engineer, she has become a problem solver, solving not just issues pertaining to Tech, but to life in general.

There’s always a pull to joy when one finally takes control of their own life and the puzzle finally fits. Dorcas is happy doing something that she believes in, and after one year in Tech, Dorcas now works as a Technical Product Manager at Moniepoint.

In a world where she could have been anything, Dorcas chose Tech to be her right fit and she’s happy with it. You too can rewrite your story and fill that gap you know is missing. Our next Cohort will begin soon, take that leap.



Semicolon Africa

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